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Upcoming gigs:

The Seven Stars, 3pm Sunday 28th October (acoustic solo)

The Thunderbolt, Wednesday 7th November *Full Band Reunion Gig*

Past gigs:

The Seven Stars, 3pm Sunday 23rd September

Kingsweston House, Sunday 19th August

The Seven Stars, 3pm Sunday 5th August

The Seven Stars, 3pm Saturday 2nd June

The Seven Stars, 3pm Saturday 28th April

The Seven Stars, 3:15pm Sunday 25th March

The Nova Scotia, February 1st 2018 (solo)

Mr Wolf's, November 13th 2017 (solo)

Mr Wolf's, August 14th 2017 (acoustic solo)

Mr Wolf's, May 15th 2017 (acoustic solo)

Mr Wolf's, May 16th 2016 (acoustic solo)

The Volunteer Tavern, April 24th 2016 (acoustic solo)

Mr Wolf's, Augus31st 2015 (electric band)

The SouthBank, June 21st 2015 (electric band)

Mr Wolf's, May 11th 20215 (electric band)

Mr Wolf's, March 30th 2015 (electric band)

The Stag & Hounds, February 21st 2015 (electric band)

The SouthBank, January 19th, 2015 (electric band)

The Louisiana, January 8th 2015 (electric band)

The Kingsdown Wine Vaults, December 13th 2014 (acoustic solo)

Mr Wolf's, November 17th 2014 (electric band)

The Golden Guinea, October 12th 2014 (acoustic band)

The Lansdown, October 4th 2014 (acoustic solo)

The Volunteer Tavern, September 21st 2014 (acoustic solo)

The Exchange, September 9th 2014

Mr Wolf's, August 9th 2014

The Louisiana, June 15th 2014

SouthBank, April 13th 2014

Mr Wolf's, March 10th 2014

The Fleece, February 20th 2014

Mr Wolf's, January 27th 2014

The Exchange (Basement), November 19th 2013

The Louisiana, October 27th 2013

SouthBank, September 20th 2013

Mr Wolf's, August 26th 2013

The Volunteer Tavern, August 8th 2013 (acoustic band)

The Grain Barge, April 2nd 2013

The Louisiana, October 21st 2012